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Life is GoodLife is Good

The Alternative to Traditional Divorce

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Deciding to get divorced is never easy. But it doesn’t need to be heart-breaking, exhausting or crushingly expensive either. At South Shore Divorce Mediation, we help you resolve the issues that a judge would decide, including custody, parenting time, support and the division of assets.

Our confidential process avoids court evaluations, confrontational attorneys and scrutiny of your family and resources through a private, cost-effective process that emphasizes cooperation during a difficult time.

Take control of your family’s future

We help couples and spouses take control of their separation. Unlike litigation, which places your family’s fortunes in the hands of attorneys and judges, mediation lets you resolve your divorce based on your family’s specific needs.

Preserve respect and good will towards your spouse and the emotional needs of your children with the assistance of a professional who is trained to achieve results, even for couples who believe they can’t get along.

Divorce doesn’t need to be war. Take a different approach by speaking with a caring professional today.


Our team helps you protect your family’s financial future and happiness.

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Life is Good

Take the Wheel. Don’t Hand Your Life Over to Courts and Lawyers.

Spouses don’t need to like each other to mediate their divorce. They only need to share an intention to avoid court. Mediation maximizes control over the divorce process for spouses who share this goal.

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Divorce Mediation vs. Traditional Divorce

Why is divorce mediation the better choice for some families?


Mediation is Faster

Resolving your divorce through the litigation process can take years because courts in Massachusetts have to fit your case into their busy dockets. Mediation, on the other hand, is dictated by your schedule. You control the pace, and mediated divorces are often resolved in months, not years. By taking the courts out of the picture, you can schedule mediation meetings with far more flexibility, moving the process along quickly towards a fair settlement.
It's Faster

Mediation is Less Costly

The divorce litigation process can be expensive. Pleadings, depositions and court appearances cost money. With lawyers’ fees and court costs, you could easily find yourself paying tens of thousands of dollars at a time when your family need to save money the most. Mediation is a cost-effective way of finding a fair settlement for your divorce, and can be done without the substantial legal fees that come with divorce litigation.
It's Less Costly

Mediation Reduces Conflict

Divorce mediation is designed to let spouses calmly resolve as many differences as possible. This not only reduces stress during the divorce process, it also reduces it in the aftermath, as well – a settlement created after mediation is the result of rational discussion and mutual compromise, rather than the legal combat that is the divorce litigation process.
It Reduces Conflict

Mediation Protects Privacy

Litigation takes place in the public eye. Divorce pleadings are public records and hearings occur in a crowded courtroom. This can mean some of your most personal details can become public knowledge. Divorce mediation prevents unnecessary attention by keeping the process behind closed doors, so you do not have to worry about sensitive information coming up in litigation that harms your privacy.
It Protects Your Privacy

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