About South Shore Divorce Mediation

South Shore Divorce Mediation if a full-service mediation provider with five full-time mediators to serve your divorce and family law needs.

For more than 20 years, Lynch & Owens has been a divorce and family law leader on the South Shore of Massachusetts. One lesson we’ve learned over the last two decades that divorce litigation is not for everyone. We launched South Shore Divorce Mediation to provide Massachusetts spouses and parents with an opportunity to resolve their family law matters in a cooperative, confidential and cost-effective environment.

Our mediators receive special training in dispute resolution to facilitate communication between spouses struggling with the challenges of divorce, child support, custody, alimony and asset division. A key tenet of mediation is neutrality; our mediators are trained not to favor either spouse during a divorce mediation. While a neutral mediator cannot provide legal advice in a typical divorce mediation, the professional background of the mediator is crucially important to the development of a legally sound and reliable agreement that can be entered and enforced by a Massachusetts Probate and Family Court.

Our mediators have prepared hundreds of Separation Agreements, post-divorce agreements and child support and custody agreements as divorce attorneys. This experience ensures that mediation clients receive a final agreement they can rely on in the years that follow the resolution of their family law concerns.

Reputation Matters When It Comes to Divorce Mediators

Many spouses are unaware that Massachusetts law offers virtually no restrictions on who may become a divorce mediator. There is no requirement in Massachusetts that mediators be lawyers or have direct experience in family law. Although the Massachusetts mediation statute, Ch. 233, s. 23C, refers to training and accountability to dispute resolution organizations, these safeguards apply only to the confidentiality of mediation sessions and work product. There is nothing stopping an individual from selling mediation services in Massachusetts, even if that person has no mediation or family law training at all.

Lynch & Owens has represented thousands of divorce and family law clients over the last two decades. Our divorce mediators continue this tradition of service excellence that clients across the South Shore have come to respect and rely on. South Shore Divorce Mediation clients do not receive legal advice during the mediation process. Reputation matters, however, and South Shore Divorce Mediation clients know that we deliver mediation services with the same focus on client-centered excellence that has made us family law leaders on the South Shore for more than 20 years.