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Three Things that Mediation is NOT

Table of Contents for this BlogMassachusetts Divorce Mediator Justin L. Kelsey presents a short primer on three things that divorce mediation is not.1. Mediation is NOT Arbitration!2. Mediation is NOT one attorney for two people!3. Mediation is NOT Meditation! Massachusetts Divorce Mediator Justin L. Kelsey presents a short primer on three things that divorce mediation is not. […]

Mediated Divorce Agreements Are Less Likely to be Violated

cooperative divorce mediation

Divorce Mediator Kimberley Keyes reviews why we see fewer violations of divorce agreements reached through mediation. Over more than a decade observing divorcing spouses, I have often observed that divorce agreements that result from the mediation process are less likely to be violated than agreements reached through litigation. The discrepancy appears to result from the […]

How Divorce Mediation Helps Spouses Divide Marital Property Fairly

Mediating the division of marital assets

Divorce Mediator Nicole K. Levy reviews how mediation helps couples divide property efficiently and amicably in a divorce. Dividing marital assets can be emotional, complicated and hugely important to spouses who are trying to re-start their lives after separating. Mediation can help. Deciding to separate triggers a host of issues to consider. Separated spouses need […]

I’m in Mediation, do I need a Lawyer too?

Do I need a lawyer for mediation?

Divorce Mediator Justin L. Kelsey of Skylark Law & Mediation guest blogs on the pros and cons of hiring an attorney for a divorce mediation. A recent LinkedIn discussion debated the value of consulting a lawyer when participating in mediation. There are a variety of pros and cons to retaining separate counsel while you are engaged […]

How Using Mediation Avoids Many Common Problems with Prenuptial Agreements

Mediate your prenuptial agreement.

Mediator Kimberley Keyes explains how soon-to-be spouses can use mediation to avoid many common problems with prenuptial agreements. Mediation provides soon-to-be married spouses who agree to execute a prenuptial agreement with a cooperative, stress-free process for preparing a prenuptial agreement that avoids many of the stresses and pitfalls associated with the conventional approach. Marriage is […]

Mediation Works Even After a Complaint for Divorce Has Been Filed

Mediation offers both spouses a path forward in divorce

Divorce Mediator Nicole K. Levy explains why mediation can still work, even after a complaint for divorce has been filed. One question I frequently hear from people investigating mediation is whether they can use mediation after a divorce case has been opened in court.  Spouses often feel that once they have initiated litigation, mediation is […]

How Mediating Child Support Issues Can Benefit Families

Goose and gosling symbolize mediating child support

Divorce Mediator Kimberley Keyes examines how child support mediation can benefit families by reducing conflict. If you and your spouse are investigating the possibility of getting a divorce, and you have had children together, the issue of child support will come up at some point. Child support is often a contentious and highly emotional issue. […]

Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation for Your Divorce?

Mediating your divorce

Divorce Mediator Nicole K. Levy explains why parents, spouses and former spouses should consider mediation over litigation.   Divorce, like any family matter that requires litigation, is rarely easy. The emotional toll that litigation takes on your family and life cannot be explained, nor can it be anticipated. The uncertainty, coupled with the financial burden […]

What Issues Can be Handled Through Divorce Mediation?

Mediation can solve numerous divorce issues

Divorce Mediator Kimberley Keyes reviews the range of issues that can be addressed through mediation. Mediation can handle any of the issues that might come up in your divorce. The only difference between addressing these issues through mediation or through another technique, like litigation, is how they become resolved. Divorce mediation is a process in which divorcing […]

What Questions Should You Ask Before Hiring a Divorce Mediator?

Hiring a divorce mediator?

Divorce Mediator Justin L. Kelsey of Skylark Law & Mediation guest blogs about questions to ask before hiring a divorce mediator. There are numerous articles telling you what you should ask a divorce attorney before you hire them and we recently posted our advice on preparing for the attorney-client interview. As mediators we encourage clients to […]