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Netflix’s Marriage Story Shows the Price of Divorce Litigation

Marriage Story teaches lessons about divorce litigation

Table of Contents for this BlogMassachusetts mediator Jason Owens draws lessons from the Netflix movie, Marriage Story, about divorce mediation and litigation. The Well-Paved Path from Divorce Mediation to a Hotly Contested DivorceEven Well-Intentioned Lawyers Can Trigger Divorce ConflictDivorce Litigation Can be a Zero-Sum Game of ConflictAvoid Retainers with Pay-As-You-Go Mediation Massachusetts mediator Jason Owens […]

How to Use Financial Experts in Divorce Mediation

Financial expert for divorce mediation

Table of Contents for this BlogMassachusetts Mediator Jason V. Owens explores how financial experts can assist the mediation process for divorcing spouses. Joint Financial Expert Directly Participating in MediationJoint Financial Expert Assisting Outside of Mediation SessionsFinancial Expert(s) Assisting Individual PartiesWhat Costs More: Litigating a Divorce or Mediating with a Financial Expert?Avoid Retainers with Pay-As-You-Go Mediation […]

Mediating Tips: Child Custody and Parenting Time

Mediating parenting time and parenting plans.

Table of Contents for this BlogMediator James M. Lynch reviews the details required in mediating successful parenting schedules. Mediating Custody: Why Are the Small Details Important?Balancing Structure and Flexibility Key to Co-Parenting Plan Mediator James M. Lynch reviews the details required in mediating successful parenting schedules. It is common in divorce mediations for the parties […]

Congress Should Pass the National Mediation Policy Act (NMPA)

SSDM supports the National Mediation Policy Act

    Massachusetts mediator Kimberley Keyes explains the importance of the National Mediation Policy Act (NMPA). In the roughly 40 since it become mainstream across the United States, divorce mediation has grown into the option of first report for many spouses seek a divorce without stress, cost and negativity of litigation. Today, divorce judges across […]

Mediating Shared Physical Custody Agreements in Massachusetts

How to mediate shared phyiscal custody.

Table of Contents for this BlogMassachusetts mediator Jason V. Owens explores how parents use mediation for shared physical custody schedules.Challenges for Parents who Meditate Shared Physical Custody of Their ChildrenFinding Joint Custody Solutions Through MediationThe Devil in the Details: Crafting a Well-Written Shared Custody AgreementAvoid Retainers with Pay-As-You-Go Mediation Massachusetts mediator Jason V. Owens explores […]

What If My Spouse Wants a Divorce but I Still Love Them?

Divorce mediation can help spouses avoid vengeful decisions

Divorce mediator Kimberley Keyes considers the difficult position of the spouse who resists getting divorced. Some of the most difficult divorces are those that involve one spouse who wants to separate and one who still has deep feelings for the other.  When you are the spouse who is still in love, learning that your significant […]

Do Separated Spouses Need to Get Along for Mediation to Work?

Mediation can work for angry spouses

Divorce mediator Nicole K. Levy discusses overcoming anger in the mediation process. Divorcing spouses who choose to engage in mediation often find the process quicker and substantially less expensive than divorce litigation. However, spouses facing divorce sometimes fail to pursue mediation based on preconceptions about whether the mediation process is suitable for spouses experiencing a […]

3 Ways You Can Help Your Children Handle a Divorce

3 ways to help children handle the strain of divorce

Mediation Coach and Divorce Mediator Carmela M. Miraglia reviews ways to help your child through the divorce process.  Divorce is not only stressful on the parties that are separating, it can also have far reaching effects on the children in the family. Most divorcing parents will do everything within their control to try to prevent […]

How Do You Mediate Parenting Time for Out-of-State Parents?

Divorce mediation can create child custody arrangements for out of state parents

Divorce mediator Kimberley Keyes reviews the challenges of mediating custody and parenting plans for out-of-state parents. Divorce and family mediation can provide a level of flexibility that is advantageous for parents who are living in different states. When parents are given the opportunity to create a realistic and workable child custody and visitation schedule that […]

This is When to Bring Up Potential Power Imbalances in Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediator Kimberley Keyes discusses how divorcing spouses should address any power imbalances between the spouses early in the mediation process. Power imbalances in a marriage can take shape in many forms. One spouse may hold a disproportionate level of knowledge about the family finances, such as when one spouse is a business owner. One […]