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Carmela M. Miraglia, Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediation Lawyer Carmela M. Miraglia


Carmela is a trained mediator, mediation coach and seasoned family law professional who draws on two decades of experience to achieve solutions on behalf of her mediation clients. She has earned a reputation as a dedicated, compassionate problem solver who offers clarity and direction to spouses during the difficulty of a divorce. Carmela’s mediation practice draws on a deep well of experience working for families. She has served as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) investigating child related matters, an attorney for children through the ARC program, and an advocate in the through the Children in Need of Services (CHINS) program through the Department of Children and Families. Carmela’s experience working for children makes her especially well-suited to mediating family law matters that include child custody and parenting plans.

Through mediation, Carmela works with parents to minimize the collateral damage caused by the breakdown of the family dynamic before, during and after divorce or separation. Her approach to mediation is practical and direct; she relates to clients on a personal level, sharing expertise gleaned from years of navigating the family law issues.  Carmela’s practical approach helps clients achieve mediated separation agreements and parenting plans designed for parents living separately who remained linked through children.

A graduate of Boston College and Vermont Law School, Carmela also possesses a diverse pedigree for addressing financial issues that commonly arise during a divorce. In addition to decades of experience in the direct resolution of alimony, child support and asset division issues as a divorce practitioner, Carmela’s professional experience includes experiencing practicing real estate law, disability and workman’s comp cases, and business law practice. Carmela is a Massachusetts statutory mediator.

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