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At South Shore Divorce Mediation, we believe in transparent pricing. Our mediators charge at a rate of $350.00 per hour while our mediation coaches charge at a rate of $325 per hour. We follow a “pay-as-you-go” model for divorce mediation that includes an initial payment of $1,050 covering 3.0 hours of mediation (which is fully refundable if you choose to end the mediation before 3.0 hours). We require a prepaid retainer of $1,500 for mediation coaching. We draw funds from the retainer as our mediators and mediation coaches accrue time providing services. Clients can request a a full refund of all unbilled retainer funds at any time.

Pricing: “Pay-As-You-Go” Mediation

Initial payment: $1,050.00 for first 3.0 hours of mediation. If you elect to receive less than 3.0 hours of mediation, you will be charged for only the time used, and the balance of your initial payment will be refunded.

Hourly Rate: $350/HR

Payments for additional work: After receiving the first 3.0 hours of mediation work is complete, we will charge your credit or debit card (which you provide to us) in increments of $700.00 for each additional 2.0 hours of mediation work that you need.

Description: SSDM uses a “pay-as-you-go” model for divorce and family law mediation cases. In lieu of a traditional consultation, new clients jump into mediation immediately. Your initial payment of $1,050.00 covers three hours of mediation time; however, if you elect to terminate the mediation before the three hours is up, you will only be charged for the mediation time used until that time. After the first 3.0 hours of mediation are complete, we will bill your card in increments of $700.00, covering 2-hour blocks of mediation moving forward.

Clients who choose “pay-as-you-go” mediation simply provide SSDM with a valid debit or credit card(s), which the firm will charge for $1,050.00 at the first mediation session. Upon the completion of 3.0 hours of mediation, your card(s) will be billed in $700.00 increments for additional mediation services.

Pricing: Traditional Mediation with Retainer

Standard Retainer: $2500.00

Hourly Rate: $350/HR

For clients who prefer not to provide a credit/debit card, we offer mediation services with an initial retainer payment of $2,500, which covers 7.1 hours of mediation time at $350.00 per hour.  The mediator’s fees will be deducted from the retainer as work is performed.  Any unused retainer monies will be refunded to the clients at the conclusion of the mediation.

Pricing: Mediation Coaching

Consultation: $200

Standard Retainer: $2,500

Hourly Rate: $325/HR

Description: SSDM provides free consultations to potential clients at the firm’s discretion. After the client executes SSDM’s fee and retainer agreement for mediation coaching/consulting, and makes an initial retainer payment of $2,500, the mediation coach may commence work immediately. As the mediation coach performs work for the client, payment for the coach’s time is deducted from the retainer funds at the hourly rate of $325/HR. Payments from the retainer are detailed on the client’s monthly billing statement. When the balance of the retainer drops below $500, the mediation coach will ask the client if further services are required. If the client desires further services, the firm will request an additional payment from the client to replenish the retainer balance to $1,500.

End of Services and Retainer Refund: The client or the mediation coach may terminate services at any time. Upon the termination of services, SSDM will bill any uninvoiced time or expenses, and shall then refund all remaining retainer funds to the client.

Special Disclaimer for Pricing Information on this Page

The pricing information on this page is intended for informational purposes only. The specific financial terms of any client’s services agreement with the firm is provided in the client’s fee and retainer agreement, which is unique and specific to the client(s). The terms and conditions of a client’s individual fee and retainer agreement can (and frequently will) differ from the general language set forth above.

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