What should I bring to the mediation?

For the initial mediation meeting, spouses are encouraged to bring whatever documents each think may be relevant. However, the main purpose of the initial meeting is to review the process, gather information, and begin establishing basic goals, such as a selecting a mediation schedule moving forward.  After that, what you bring is really determined by the issues that need to be discussed.

For divorces or modifications that deal with financial issues, spouses will likely need to begin gathering financial information. For divorce or custody issues, documents relating to the children may be relevant. Ultimately, the necessary documents are determined by a couple’s individual issues and the resolution that is ultimately being sought.  Often times, litigants in a court case are required to provide mountains of information that may or may not be relevant, due to discovery requirements or subpoenas.  In mediation, the goal is to focus on your specific issues, gathering only the records that directly affect your solutions.


Mediation Process