Can we start the mediation process before filing divorce papers?

You can start the divorce mediation process right away, without any court filing. You may also start even if you or your spouse have filed papers with the court.

We work with people who are seeking to avoid the trying court process by filing an uncontested divorce or agreed upon stipulation. We also work with people who have filed, but are now exploring other options. Indeed, sometimes mediation is recommended to people who have filed for divorce, or are in the middle of a case! The mediation process is flexible to accommodate couples who want to hit “pause” on their divorce litigation while searching for another solution. It is not unusual for spouses who have hit an impasse when negotiating a divorce agreement through lawyers to try mediation to break the deadlock.

For people who have not filed, there is no need to do so. The Massachusetts Probate Courts have a process to enables couples who have reached an agreement to submit their agreement and paperwork in a single court filing.


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