When can mediation begin?

Either spouse can initiate a divorce mediation by calling our office at (781) 253-2049. Mediation itself can begin as soon as both spouses are ready. Since there are no court filings, the mediator and spouses are not working on the court’s timeline. This allows you each to decide when to begin – and how. Our mediator meet with a couple first and discusses some of the basic information that will be needed.  Some people decide they want to gather information to present to the mediator before the first meeting, while others prefer to meet with the mediator first to establish a preliminary list of documents for each spouse to gather.

Part of the beauty of mediation is the freedom to work on your own timeline.  We have had spouses come in who have a reached a basic agreement, but need the details worked out and assistance with the drafting process; we also have met with people who do not get along, and have not spoken about the divorce, but know they need to reach an agreement somehow.  If both people feel ready to begin, then we begin.


Mediation Process