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Jason V. Owens, Divorce Mediator

Jason Owens is a Massachusetts divorce mediator.


Jason is a divorce and family law mediator, mediation coach and attorney with more than a dozen years’ experience in and around the Massachusetts Probate and Family Court system. Jason’s approach to mediation is informed by his professional experience as a journalist, corporate marketing professional and Probate and Family Law Judicial Clerk, as well as his background as a widely respected divorce and family law attorney. Jason has successfully resolved hundreds of domestic relations disputes, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, guardianship actions and complex probate and family law matters.

Jason has authored close to 100 comprehensive blogs on Massachusetts family law issues, as well as the a widely cited article in the 2011 edition of the Suffolk Journal of Trial & Appellate Advocacy entitled, Determining Self-Employment Income for Child Support Purposes: the Massachusetts View Compared with the National View. Jason mediates all forms of domestic relations disputes, but often focuses his attention on disputes featuring complex financial issues including high net worth divorce and cases involving complex assets or income streams.

Jason’s approach to mediation includes incorporating outside professionals, such as CDFAs and financial specialists, joint valuation experts, and psychotherapists and child development professionals, to address complex issues that arise during the mediation process. Jason is a Massachusetts statutory mediator and a proud member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (MCFM).

In addition to mediation, Jason is a partner and senior attorney at Lynch & Owens, where he specializes in divorce, family law and probate and family court litigation. Jason holds a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Massachusetts, where he was a dual major in journalism and Social Thought and Political Economy, as well as a juris doctor from Suffolk University Law School.

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