What are the issues that mediation can handle?

Because it is simply another way of resolving any disputes that you might have with your spouse as you pursue a divorce, divorce mediation is designed to handle any of the issues that might come up in your case. This includes problems that are often easy to settle as well as the ones that are typically far more difficult, including child custody and parenting time, how to divide marital assets, as well as child support and alimony. In addition, mediation is frequently used to resolve post-divorce issues that would otherwise result in the filing of a Complaint for Modification or Complaints for Contempt. Mediation is even a highly effective method for preparing prenuptial agreements. Indeed, family mediation is not limited to divorce at all. Unmarried parents who would otherwise litigate child custody and child support issues in Probate and Family Court often find the same success in mediation as divorcing spouses.  

In fact, any domestic relations issue that can be handled in Probate and Family Court can also be resolved in mediation. This is because litigation and mediation are simply two different methods of resolving disputes. What the dispute is about does not matter – only the path to an answer changes.