How do divorce documents get filed after mediation is complete?

In Massachusetts, even divorces that are completely resolved through the mediation process must to be filed in court to be effective. If a mediated divorce agreement is not filed in court, it will not be enforced as a divorce.

If your mediator is an attorney, you can generally rely on him or her to help you prepare a Joint Petition for Divorce, as well as supporting forms and filing instructions. Mistakes in the filing process can raise legal implications down the road, so preparing and filing a petition properly is crucial. The mediators at South Shore Divorce Mediation are all experienced divorce attorneys.

If your mediator is not an attorney, a greater burden may fall on you and your spouse to file the property documents with the court. In Massachusetts, the proper documents to file depend on the nature of your divorce. Divorces featuring children under the age 18 require spouses to file additional documents, and attend the Parent Education Class prior to an agreement being finalized.