How can I find a good mediator?

Check out Nicole’s blog, “Tips for Finding the Right Divorce Mediator for Your Family”, for a nice overview of this subject.

Finding a divorce mediator that works for both you and your spouse by encouraging fruitful discussion and advancing agreement is a big factor in the outcome of a mediated divorce. Unfortunately, mediators cannot simply be ranked by effectiveness: A divorce mediator who works perfectly for one couple might be inadequate for another. This makes finding a “good” divorce mediator difficult.

At South Shore Divorce Mediation, we offer our mediation clients options. We have separate offices in Hingham and Cape Cod (E. Sandwich), offering clients geographic options. Plus, our mediators have different skills, personalities and abilities that we try to describe on their mediator profile pages.

We are always happy to answer questions from potential mediation clients who are trying to determine which mediator will be the best fit for their divorce.  Call our main office at (781) 253-2049 or email us at and we will do our best to help!