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Are there some cases that should not go through mediation?

The short answer is yes, there are some cases that are not well-suited for mediation. However, it is important not to jump to conclusions about where mediation is more flexible and adept that many people give it credit for. There are three main classes of cases that are unsuitable for mediation: (1.) Extremely contentious cases […]

Can you have someone else with you during the mediation sessions?

It may be possible to include third parties in a mediation, but it is important to resolve the groundworks for the involvement of outside individuals before inviting them to mediation sessions. In particular, outside experts such as financial experts or child therapists can aid the mediation process by presenting their expertise for both parties. (It […]

How do divorce documents get filed after mediation is complete?

In Massachusetts, even divorces that are completely resolved through the mediation process must to be filed in court to be effective. If a mediated divorce agreement is not filed in court, it will not be enforced as a divorce. If your mediator is an attorney, you can generally rely on him or her to help […]

Who prepares the divorce agreement in a mediation?

You and your spouse, with the help of the mediator.  Mediation is meant to be a wholly collaborative process that allows you, your spouse, and the mediator each play a role in crafting a divorce agreement that is fair, equitable and legally binding. You and your spouse provide all of the “raw materials” for the […]