Mediation-Friendly Attorneys

What preparation is required for conciliation?

Generally, a conciliator will require a memorandum and financial statement from each party. In some instances, an existing pretrial memorandum and recent financial statement is an appropriate substitute.  Conciliators usually also wants copies of relevant pleadings and orders. For clients attending conciliation without an attorney, it may make sense for the client to spend some What preparation is required for conciliation?

Do parties ever participate in conciliation without attorneys?

Although most conciliations involve attorneys, it is not unusual for self-represented parties to participate in conciliation. In some instances, it may make sense for unrepresented parties to participate in evaluative mediation, which is very similar to conciliation, but which takes place in a slightly less formal manner.

Can each party be represented by an attorney during conciliation?

Most conciliations involve parties who are represented by attorneys, but it is not required. A conciliation session most often includes two parties and two attorneys in family law cases. Attorneys can play an important role in the conciliation process by helping to explain the conciliator’s feedback to their respective clients.

Can you have someone else with you during the mediation sessions?

It may be possible to include third parties in a mediation, but it is important to resolve the groundworks for the involvement of outside individuals before inviting them to mediation sessions. In particular, outside experts such as financial experts or child therapists can aid the mediation process by presenting their expertise for both parties. (It Can you have someone else with you during the mediation sessions?