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How do I negotiate my divorce through mediation?

South Shore Divorce Mediation offers mediation coaching for individuals engaged in mediation who seek guidance during the negotiation process. For individuals proceeding without a coach, preparing to negotiate involves identifying clear goals for mediation, conducting research and gathering knowledge on legal and financial issues, approaching the negotiation patiently, and continually revising and re-focusing on your […]

What is the Co-Worker Rule and how does it work in divorce mediation?

The Co-Worker Rule is a simple rule of thumb for mediation participants who are struggling to set aside their anger or difficult history with their spouse. The rule states that spouses should seek to interact and communicate like co-workers in a professional environment instead of like former spouses. Although it sounds simple, divorcing spouses often […]

How long does it take to mediate a divorce?

The duration of the mediation process varies based on factors including the substantive issues that participants agree or disagree on, the relationship dynamics between participants, each spouse’s motivation and engagement level, and the complexity surrounding family income and assets.  For a complete rundown on the factors effecting the length of divorce mediation, check out Nicole […]

When should I start the mediation process?

Mediation is far more flexible than litigation, which requires at least one party to file a Complaint for Divorce (or modification or contempt, etc.) in order to commence the process. It often works best to initiate mediation before either party starts litigation, but parties routinely enter mediation midway through litigation with great success. For more […]

Should I see my own lawyer during the mediation process?

Having an attorney as a mediation coach is often helpful during mediation. Our mediators encourage spouses to work with mediation-friendly attorneys while a mediation is ongoing. We also offering mediation coaching services to clients who are engaged in mediation with another mediator. Mediation-friendly attorneys who act as mediation coaches can often play a positive role […]

What happens if we cannot reach a divorce agreement during mediation?

While mediation is a good way to resolve a divorce, it is by no means a guaranteed success. Sometimes mediated divorces break down, leaving divorcing spouses without a completed divorce agreement to take to court to finalize their separation. When this happens, there are three paths that you can go down: Litigation, try another mediation, […]

What if we can’t agree on all the issues in divorce mediation?

Even if you and your spouse are unable to come to a satisfactory agreement on all of the issues during mediation, any progress made during mediation can help immensely if you choose to take your divorce to court. In short, mediation tends to be less expensive than litigation, so any issue that you are able […]

What are the issues that mediation can handle?

Because it is simply another way of resolving any disputes that you might have with your spouse as you pursue a divorce, divorce mediation is designed to handle any of the issues that might come up in your case. This includes problems that are often easy to settle as well as the ones that are […]

Will the mediator meet separately with each of us during the sessions?

During a mediation session, it not unusual for a mediator to split the spouses and meet with each spouse separately, provided each spouse agrees to this arrangement. Speaking separately with each spouse helps the mediator better understand each spouse’s separate concerns, worries, and goals. Spouses often have their guard up in the presence of other […]

Can you have someone else with you during the mediation sessions?

It may be possible to include third parties in a mediation, but it is important to resolve the groundworks for the involvement of outside individuals before inviting them to mediation sessions. In particular, outside experts such as financial experts or child therapists can aid the mediation process by presenting their expertise for both parties. (It […]