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Does my divorce mediator need to understand tax law?

Not every divorce involves significant tax issues. Moreover, many mediation participants are capable of understanding basic tax issues, such as child tax credits, that can arise in a divorce. More challenging tax issues include the tax deductibility of alimony, transfers from retirement accounts using Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), couples owing back taxes, 529 college […]

How do divorce mediators handle alimony cases?

Alimony often presents challenges for divorcing couples, particularly after a long-term marriage. Like any other divorce issue, however, alimony is well suited to resolution through mediation. Before entering mediation, participants are encouraged to perform some basic research on how the amount and duration alimony are calculated in Massachusetts, or whichever state the divorce will take […]

What goals should I set before my divorce mediation?

In the context of divorce mediation, it’s important to recognize the four core divorce issues that may be present in your mediation: (1.) child custody and parenting time, (2.) child support, (3.) alimony and (4.) the division of assets. Some divorces feature a few additional issues, while many divorces include only one or two of […]

How can I understand legal issues in my divorce mediation?

One of the primary challenges for participants who enter mediation without an attorney is recognizing, articulating and negotiating legal issues. Mediation participants regularly seek out experienced divorce attorneys to mediate their divorce. Using an experienced attorney as a mediator is especially helpful when it comes to drafting a reliable Separation Agreement that reflects the intent […]