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Guest Blogging Guidelines

South Shore Divorce Mediation accepts guest blogs on the Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Blog from individuals who meet the following criteria:

  1. In general, you must be a divorce mediator, licensed attorney, or divorce professional. (In limited circumstances, we may accept blogs from other individuals, such as policy advocates or individuals who have personally experienced the mediation process.)
  2. Our blog’s subject matter includes divorce mediation, collaborative law and family law issues relevant to Massachusetts. We do not require guest blogs on mediation or collaborative law to be exclusively Massachusetts-specific, but guest blogs should not focus on issues unique to states other than Massachusetts.
  3. Guest blogs must be at least 1,000 words in length, and the writing quality must be generally consistent with the Massachusetts Divorce Mediation blog. Guest bloggers should be prepared to accept feedback and/or edits relating to quality.
  4. Guest blogs should strive to provide subject matter of genuine use to our readers. Guest blogs should not include overt solicitations to readers, such as suggesting that the reader “call the office of xxxxxxxx to find out more,” or link to an outside blog or website affiliated with your business for additional information. We will provide an outbound link to your website in the “About the Author” section.
  5. Guest blogs whose authors have submitted a high-resolution photo will feature a “head shot” for the author at the top of the guest blog consistent with the current style and layout used on the Massachusetts Divorce Mediation Blog.
  6. Guest blogs may include one hyperlink to their firm’s website, which shall be featured in the “About the Author” section at the end of guest blog as follows:
    About the Author: Jane Doe is a Massachusetts divorce mediator for Mediation USA, located in Boston, Massachusetts.
  7. Guest bloggers may separately provide a more detailed biography of up to 400 characters (without hyperlinks) that will separately appear below the guest blogs. (Optional.)
  8. Guest blogs may include additional outbound hyperlinks that have a reasonable editorial purpose, such as links to cases, statutes and periodicals that are supported by the subject matter.
  9. Guest content must be unique and original. Please do not submit a guest blog that has been (or later will be) re-posted or duplicated in any other forum.
  10. Guest bloggers provide consent to South Shore Divorce Mediation and Lynch & Owens promoting your guest blog across social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram.
  11. South Shore Divorce Mediation and Lynch & Owens do not engage in reciprocal link exchanges or other schemes intended to improve or affect SEO for any website. We invite guest blogs to improve the quality of our content by inviting diverse voices to contribute. In return, guest bloggers receive exposure to our reading audience. Quality content, not SEO considerations, is our focus.

If you feel you meet the above guidelines, both technically, and ethically in intent, please submit your guest post idea to, including with your submission the following:

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