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How long does it take to mediate a divorce?

The duration of the mediation process varies based on factors including the substantive issues that participants agree or disagree on, the relationship dynamics between participants, each spouse’s motivation and engagement level, and the complexity surrounding family income and assets.  For a complete rundown on the factors effecting the length of divorce mediation, check out Nicole […]

When should I start the mediation process?

Mediation is far more flexible than litigation, which requires at least one party to file a Complaint for Divorce (or modification or contempt, etc.) in order to commence the process. It often works best to initiate mediation before either party starts litigation, but parties routinely enter mediation midway through litigation with great success. For more […]

How can I prepare for a mediation session?

Being prepared for a mediation session is the best ways to make sure it goes smoothly. If you are not prepared for a session, it can prolong the mediation process and increase costs over time. A lack of preparation can also frustrate your spouse and could increase the stress levels. If being unprepared becomes a […]

When is the best time to start mediation?

The best time to start mediation is whenever you and your spouse each feel ready to start mediation. This can come at any point during the divorce process. You can start going to mediation before you and your spouse have finalized your decision to separate. Or you can pursue mediation after filing a Complaint for […]

Can we start the mediation process before filing divorce papers?

You can start the divorce mediation process right away, without any court filing. You may also start even if you or your spouse have filed papers with the court. We work with people who are seeking to avoid the trying court process by filing an uncontested divorce or agreed upon stipulation. We also work with […]

How long does it take to schedule mediation?

Mediation can begin as soon as both spouses are ready. The initial meeting allows both spouses to get an idea of how mediation will work and get a briefing of the process. After the initial meeting, the first session can be scheduled as soon as possible and/or convenient for the spouses. Maybe you and your […]

How long does a divorce mediation take to complete?

The duration of a specific mediation is largely a function of the motivation level of the spouses. If spouses are eager to complete their divorce quickly, the mediator is generally able to accelerate the process to a few months (or even weeks). Motivation is not the only factor, however. The need to obtain and review […]