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James M. Lynch, Divorce Mediator

Jim Lynch is a Massachusetts mediator

James “Jim” Lynch is a divorce and family law mediator, mediation coach and attorney

with more than 40 years of experience in dispute resolution. Jim’s mediation approach draws on his decades of experience negotiating solutions for clients and disputing parties. A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, Jim grew up Dorchester, Massachusetts, and started his legal career in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office as a prosecutor. In the decades that followed, Jim moved to Hingham, Massachusetts, raised a family, and represented clients across a diverse spectrum of legal matters including criminal defense, personal injury cases, and divorce and domestic relations matters. Of the course of his career, Jim has negotiated hundreds of agreements across a huge range of cases, clients and practice areas.

Jim takes a straight-forward approach to mediation. He listens to each client’s perspective, explores the individual and shared interests of each participant, then facilitates a mix of practical and creative solutions to resolve the matter in a cost-effective manner. When appropriate, Jim draws on the collective experience of South Shore Divorce Mediation’s five statutory mediators to prepare settlement agreements that capture the intent of the clients while incorporating the terms and conditions required for a binding, enforceable judgment.

Jim is a Massachusetts statutory mediator and a proud member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation (MCFM).

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